Amazing! Measuring the human energy field and Meditation – Part 1

I was recently so fortunate to be a part of an amazing scientific research study where world famous Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from Russia, a biofield energy researcher, measured my energy field.

During an advanced workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza in Carefree, Arizona in February 2013, Dr. Korotkov was there to gather data on:

  1. The workshop participant’s individual human energy fields before and after doing Dr. Dispenza’s meditations.
  2. The group’s combined energy levels. There were 200 participants in the workshop.

In this post, I will discuss the first topic and will write about the second topic soon.

Dr. Korotkov gave us a presentation on what he measures and some of the technologies that he has developed for capturing and analyzing the human energy field. It is complex but fascinating, and challenging to describe in a single post.

A workshop participant’s results

Below is a before and after depiction of the strength, alignment and balance of a workshop’s participant’s 7 energy centers. Some people call these chakras.  These represent the state of this person’s energy centers before and after doing the meditations.  The size of each center and the horizontal placement is what is significant to the reading.  A small circle means the energy center is weak.  When the circle is off-center, it means it’s out of balance.

Meditation workshop - Energy before and after

This shows a participant’s energy centers before the meditation workshop, then after.

The significance is that by doing meditation, it strengthens and balances the energy centers.  It takes deep understanding to properly interpret such reports but this shows a simple depiction of a typical result of before and after doing meditation. Note that the workshop was 4 days of meditation.

My results

I just received my personal results and am absolutely fascinated by them.  The most interesting thing I saw in my report is that even before the workshop started, my energy centers looked great – strong and centered.  I interpret this to mean that I’m doing very well because I have meditation as a key life practice and I do my best to take care of myself.  Below is the chart I’m referring to.

The top 3 images show my balanced energy field all around my body. When someone is ‘doing well’ energetically it looks like this – the field is fairly consistent all around, with no major breaks, outbursts or large variations in the colors.

Human energy field and chakras

This shows my human energy field (strong, good, and fairly evenly balanced).

I hope you enjoyed this post and it raises interest and curiosity into the correlation of meditation and the human energy field. I personally believe that meditation helps greatly to calm and balance the body.

See Part 2 of this article showing the effect of meditation on group energy.

Have a wonderful day,


13 thoughts on “Amazing! Measuring the human energy field and Meditation – Part 1

  1. wow, it is fantastic to see these results. It is also wonderful that you are taking the time to share your experience with us. Thanks so much for this Wendy

    • Hi Mauro, you’re welcome. I just love the growing research that connects science and spirituality. I was so fortunate to be a guinea pig for this study!

  2. The best part of this result is that you live what you teach. I see it in all you do and how compassionate you are with others. The results just prove what the rest of us that love you know, you are a very balanced individual and we are all lucky to have you in our life.

  3. Wendy, wow what a great post!! It’s really cool that you were a part of this study. I was just explaining the “science of spirituality” to a friend this morning! It wonderful that you’ve posted and are spreading the research side of meditation and energy – we need to help spread this information!! Good work as always my friend!!


    • Gee, thanks Leora! Your encouragement is so wonderful. It gives me a boost.
      Yes, I’m so excited that more scientific research is coming out about spirituality. It’s really starting to blend the two.

      Thanks so much,

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