Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey

To my readers:  The Calm Monkey main site can be accessed at www.TheCalmMonkey.com.

I help passionate meditators learn to become successful mindfulness meditation workplace facilitators.

I have been recognized as the leading expert in the areas of combining mindfulness meditation and change management, and helping passionate meditators become successful workplace facilitators.  I am grateful for all the wonderful recognition I have received from The Greater Good Science Center of The University of California, Berkeley, and the global Association of Change Management Professionals.

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I am also partnered with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) for British Columbia and Yukon, who provides their members with training by The Calm Monkey.

CPHR BC & Yukon


Please visit www.TheCalmMonkey.com for information on my workplace meditation program, facilitator training and certification programs and guided meditation recordings.TheCalmMonkey

My blog history remains here on WordPress.  My newer blog lives on my ‘The Calm Monkey’ website here.

Please email me at Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com.  I’m always so happy to hear from passionate meditators, and people who want to make a positive difference in this world.

Warmest wishes,

~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey.


30 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just wanted to give you an update on my meditation practice since I took your classes at UBC. I’ve been doing it almost everyday and I feel so much better and calmer. When I get distracted I hear your voice, put the thought on a cloud and let it float away. When I feel stressed, I hear your voice, let it be, let it go.

    Your voice is sooo very relaxing and calming, I totally love it. I’ve used other meditation tapes but I would rank yours at the very top. I’m so glad to see that you have vol 2 and I immediately downloaded those recordings too.

    • Helen, I am thrilled to hear how you’ve sustained your meditation practice! Thanks so much for letting me know, and I’m so glad you find my meditation recordings helpful. Keep up the great practice!

    • Thanks Joe! The response has been so amazing. And your session really hit home with so many people as well, and they’re talking about your session too!
      Keep going!

    • Thank you. Yes, indeed. If we practice being aware of these things, we start to notice them more and cultivate more joy in our lives.
      Have a wonderful day,

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    • Kim, thank you so much for the nomination for the Liebster Award!
      Your blog about breast cancer is helping many. I honour people like you who do things in the interest of helping others.

  3. Hi! Yes, we can indeed find Peace and Light in our westernized life. It’s not necessarily easy…I keep coming back to PRACTICE as the key for myself and my clients. We can’t think that one day we’ll “get there” and then magically stay “there.” It’s a daily (minutely) invocation of beauty and grace – that’s the All of it. Hooray for opening up this conversation!

    • Hello Julianna! What a nice note to get from you. You are absolutely right – it’s something to continually practice and we may certainly drop in and out of it. I appreciate your note, and writing this blog helps keep me in my practice! Have a great day.


      • Nice to meet you too Julianna! I just checked out your website – how lovely! It was a lovely feel to it, and you offer wonderful services. Where in the world are you located? I’m in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

      • I’m in Rhode Island (USA – smallest state in the Union!). And yes, my services are indeed lovely (I know this because I’m in the energy of them, but mostly because I see the beautiful forward motion and expansion of my clients). If you’re interested, I work over the phone frequently – all but the reflexology(!). Hope there were many blessings in your day…

      • Hi again, I can tell you have a lovely energy, and thank you for letting me know about you. I am fortunate to have good friends that do similar work. I am now following your blog and look forward to it.

        I hope there are many blessings in each of your days…

  4. Thank you for your blog on these important issues. When I started my spiritual journey (many years ago now), I assumed that it meant adopting some kind of Eastern lifestyle. Eventually I realized that we awaken right here in the place we are living. We cannot reject that, but we don’t need to get caught up in the Western ‘go-go-go’, as you put it.

    • Hello Resting In Awareness, thank you for your nice comment. I too initially thought the same thing as you when I started this. The journey was so unknown but so intriguing. Have a wonderful day.


  5. For me I started my journey when I was about 10 years old… and my journey now is that I have reached that place in me where my growth and reconnection to source is the way…it is the most important part of my life which includes serving humanity. I am married, and my partner is not in the same place as I am, but he is for 95% of the time very understanding. To be in a relationship and working toward higher consciousness and reaching Nirvanna/Ascension here on earth, is a difficult thing. I could have no talking, no schedule, no demands but couldn’t we all? My partner is my teacher, I will reach this place of calm through him I must learn to do it at the same time… I am learning Balance and also practicing Mindfulness. Blessing of Love and Light

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