Finally! Healthy Fast Food.

Jenny Saini, Owner

Jenny’s the proud owner of HealthFare in Burnaby

Ever since I have been diligently eating healthy, I kept saying “why can’t there be healthy fast food restaurants?”

Well, it’s finally here and it’s called “HealthFare“. It seems to be a Canadian franchise and one just opened up in Burnaby, British Columbia at Market Crossing which is on Marine Drive and Byrne Road.

HealthFare - frontIt’s got a fairly good menu variety – artisan sandwiches, salads, savory rice bowls, interesting side dishes, homemade soups, smoothies and even breakfast items.

The owner, Jenny Saini, warmly greets you and helps you make a selection. She just opened the restaurant in February 2013.

I had their Chicken, Peanut & Lime rice bowl but substituted the chicken with tofu instead, and also some curry lentil soup and a frozen yogurt – all wonderful, especially the yogurt!

It’s a bit pricey, but I’m OK with that because I applaud the concept. When business owners are passionate and care about their customers I think that provides high value.

I wish Jenny all the best and congratulations on forging the way for healthy fast food options!  Hopefully we will see this as a trend across Canada and the U.S.


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