See ‘Hit ‘n Strum’ – a beautiful Vancouver film

"Hit 'n Strum" movie

Don’t miss seeing ‘Hit ‘n Strum’ if it comes to your town.

Not many movies stay with me as this one has. If you want to see a superb independent, Canadian, ‘real’ film, see Hit ‘n Strum if it comes to your city.

Hit ‘n Strum, is an independent film directed, produced and composed by Kirk Caouette from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This is the first film I’ve seen that depicts my beautiful hometown of Vancouver in all its beauty including the homeless in the historic Gastown neighborhood – and it doesn’t pretend it’s some US city, like most films made in Vancouver do.

Without giving too much away, I love this story of a successful business woman who hits a homeless busker with her car and the development of their interactions with each other as she tries to help him get off the streets.

View the trailer – it gives a good depiction of the film and includes a sampling of his music.

I am intrigued by Kirk Caouette’s personal story – he has been a movie stuntman and decided to make this film, having no resources to speak of, and wrote and performed the ten songs in the movie.

I have purchased his album from iTunes and admit I have fallen in love with his music and voice. It’s captivating acoustic music that is truly talent.

Interview with Kirk Caouette

Interview with Kirk Caouette

Here is a fun 7 minute interview with Kirk Caouette about his film-making experience on Katie Chats.

Keep an eye out for this film. It has won many independent film awards and just finished its Vancouver run and is currently playing in Toronto. I think it will grow in popularity and be in many more cities soon.

Experiencing this film has been one of the recent joys in my life.


4 thoughts on “See ‘Hit ‘n Strum’ – a beautiful Vancouver film

    • Hi Kirk! I’m SO intrigued that you, the producer and main actor in this film, found my blog and commented! Oh, happy day! Your music is regularly played in my household. I wish you more and more success as your film gets seen by the world.


  1. I am with you on this one my dear friend. I am so glad that you suggested the film. It has brought back many memories for me as I worked down town at Woodwards and on Abbott St. we were faced with so many people that most would not even look at never mind speak to. I have always focussed on the fact they are someone’s child and not to be discarded. It really brought me great joy also.

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