Do your thoughts affect your life? My experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza thanks me for attending

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a genuine, caring person whose passion is to help others towards positive change. I wanted to post this photo because at the end of the course, I needed to tell him how much the experience meant to me.

This is how Dr. Joe Dispenza started the course that I just took over the weekend in Colorado…  he asked the audience “Do you believe that your thoughts affect your life?”. Everyone nodded yes.

I think most people would agree that a mind-body connection exists, but probably could not explain a meaningful consequence of this.

I can say, without hesitation, that attending Dr. Dispenza’s ‘Intensive Workshop’ (Level 1) course was the most impactful thing I’ve experienced that truly can free you of chronic negative thinking and create a positive personal future for yourself, regardless of your external environment. His workshop series is offered in three levels and he teaches worldwide.

There is just too much to share in one blog post, so I will write more over time, because this is really meaningful and fits perfectly with my blog’s theme of cultivating joy in our western society lives. I previously wrote about Dr. Dispenza and his first book in this post.

For now, I want to tell you about his newest book that is a well-written, how-to guide about how to break negative thought patterns and create a positive, joyful future.  It is entitled “Breaking the habit of being yourself “ and blends leading edge science and real life applications. His methods use powerful meditations that:

  • first gets your brain waves into an optimal state for change, then,
  • shows you how to break and release old, negative thought patterns, then,
  • shows you how to create positive thoughts and the life you want in an optimal brain wave state, then,
  • gets you into a state of Gratitude.

For those of us who need science to help us understand or believe, he offers latest scientific research to support this methods. 

This is something important, and I highly recommend you spend time looking into his book.  I am a voracious learner about ways to create joy and health in our lives, and my passion is to share it with others, and to see personal transformations occur.  This book and his courses are at the top of my list.  I am not one who easily ‘jumps on the bandwagon’ and loves everything I see; I choose what I recommended with care.

I’ll write more in future blog posts.  Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Do your thoughts affect your life? My experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza

  1. Hello Wendy!
    i did a search for Dr. Dispenza’s tele-classes, and your site showed up. I listen to Eckhart Tolle, Laura Silva, and him. All of them are wonderful, but for some reason, I LOVE Dr. Dispenza the best. The saying ‘when you hear the truth, you will know it’ has never been more true in this regard. I have a CD of his that I just have on repeat. I listen to it all night long. I am EXACTLY the person he describes in the CD, and I can see how negative thoughts and some bad habits run my life. So it makes so much sense, that with time, you can change your brain. I soooo need to not be distracted by everyday life, and to incorporate his ideas right now, and make a change. I live in the circle, that you know how it is there, and even if it’s not optimal, at least you know what will happen. I just want and need to be free of the fear that keeps me from stepping outside that circle.

    • Hello Judy, I’m glad you have found Dr Dispenza. I have attended all his workshops and personally find his teachings helpful. He is good at combining science and spirituality. Since you like his CDs, you may want to consider looking at this website and going to his workshops.

      Thanks for writing and telling me you found my blog, thanks!

  2. I saw Dispenza a couple of months ago. I didn’t have the chance to do more than the lecture I thought he wove the different elements together really well. Loads of great energy as well, as you clearly experienced! Certainly our focus has a huge role in shaping our experience, but real gratitude is something very special indeed, especially when it is unconditional, accepting the gifts that we’re being given through every moment. You might also be interested in checking out the work of John Kabbat Zinn on mindfulness. Enjoy 🙂

    • Hello James, thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you got to see Joe Dispenza speak recently. I think he’s doing important and meaningful work to help others. Thank you for the suggestion re Jon Kabat-Zinn; he’s one of my favorites.

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