Release your mind chatter

Monkey Mind chatter

Release the Monkey Mind chatter

Here is a very powerful (and fun) way to release your mind chatter. Our monkey minds are so busy chattering away and this builds up stress, so give this a try – it’s liberating!

Find a private place where you don’t have to worry about anyone listening. Take a few minutes out of your day and just let your thoughts roll from your mind and out of your mouth.  Whatever thought comes to your mind, speak it out loud.

Let the thoughts that sit behind or connect to the previous thought rise up and be spoken also. One after another, your thoughts will come rolling off your tongue.  Allow the thoughts to happen completely and freely. It doesn’t matter if the thoughts are connected or logical, just allow the flow to happen with no judgment, no self-counseling, no fixing, no censoring, and no stopping.

It is VERY powerful to verbally release your mind chatter.  Don’t be afraid to raise your voice and even swear – just let go of your emotions through this verbal release.

After doing this for a few minutes, you will feel relieved and refreshed.  Do this regularly to avoid mental buildup.

This technique is from the book called “Intuitive Wellness” by Laura Alden Kamm

7 thoughts on “Release your mind chatter

  1. Thanks for “liking” my post Wendy. I look forward to trying the methods and techniques that you discuss. Especially this one, talking out loud. I tend to do that anyway when I need to work a problem out. I tried something similar very recently, but with writing and not speaking. It was over the death of my father. There was some heavy baggage that I had carried with me over the years and the funeral services didn’t give me the comfort and closure that others felt. It took a few weeks to figure out what to do, and then have the nerve to actually sit and do it, but it was amazing when I did. I thought that I would simply be purging myself of all the negative and angry feelings, but what happened was so much more. I actually got a clarity. About him and about me. The revelations just started coming. I was able to see and to say “Oh,…that’s why….”. Maybe a more regular practice of this will stop the huge buildup from happening in the first place 🙂

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing this so openly. Writing out feelings is also a great way to process and release. What I really like about the verbal release is that it can be done more easily – without having to find time to sit and write. Also, the verbal release isn’t something someone can find later on by accident as it’s not recorded (as long as you’re careful about no one hearing your mind release!) The verbal release lets you get out your emotions with total freedom; maybe if it’s written down and you go back to it later, you might feel badly about what you write down. Anyway, thanks again for your comment and sharing, and I hope this works well for you!

  2. I have to say that this practice sounds just perfect for me. Quite often I find myself chatting away with no one in the room. Going over thoughts but I think if I maybe add the intention of cleaning out my mind of these things that I have no control over I will clear up the space for more good stuff.
    Thanks for this.

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