Tip to leave your work at work

office desk

Turn to your workspace, and tell it 'good-bye'

Most of us tend to ‘take our job home with us’.  After we go home from work, we’re still thinking about it.  Thoughts about work hang around with us and creep into our lives without us even realizing it most of the time.

Here is a tip that may help.  It may sound silly, but you don’t have to let people know you are doing this.  When you are done for the day and are ready to leave your place of work, mindfully make a conscious decision to say good-bye to your work and set your focus on something else (like something you’re looking forward to doing that evening, or something else that you want your attention to be redirected to).

Here’s what it might look like:  Stand up, gather your belongings and when you are ready to leave, turn to your desk and say “Good-bye work, I’m leaving you now and am going home to enjoy my personal time. Whatever is left unfinished can wait until I’m back. See you tomorrow.”  Go ahead and make up your own words, but keep it in a positive tone.

By doing this, what you are doing is being intentional and mindful, and consciously leaving your work behind instead of worrying about it and ‘taking it home with you’.  Your mind needs to be aware and present about what you are doing right now, rather than letting it slip unconsciously into unnecessary thoughts about your work.

Give this a try.  I find it helps most people.

3 thoughts on “Tip to leave your work at work

  1. I really appreciate this… I find that I am thinking about school-related or blog-related things all day long, as they are things I’d rather be doing than my current job. In the morning, I need to bless the work that I do outside of work and spend more time being mindful for the 8 hours ahead of me.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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