11 habits of supremely happy people

happy face drawing

Reminders to help us be happy.

When you encounter a really happy person, are you envious or actually just a tiny bit annoyed?

I always like to see research about happiness, because the first thing I do is compare myself to what the scientists say I should be doing.  We all just want to be happy.  I think for most people, it’s hard to be happy all the time, but when I see these little reminders, it helps keep me a little bit more on track.

Here is a list from The Huffington Post about The 11 Daily Habits of Supremely Happy People.  Here are habits that happy people do to reinforce their happiness. How do you fare?

1. They smile
2. They build and nurture relationships
3. They create value
4. They eat healthy
5. They live in the moment
6. They set goals
7. They’re accountable
8. They laugh
9. They’re adventurous
10. They think positive
11. They embrace change

I think they missed two, well, sort of . . . making meditation and mindfulness part of my everyday life have been two of the most important life skills I have adopted.  Mindfulness is about #5 above – living in the moment, but with a non-judgmental attitude. Meditation is also a beautiful way to notice your life, build resiliency and cultivate joy.

As a change manager who teaches meditation, I was glad to see #11 ‘They embrace change’.  I echo this as I see that the people who don’t let workplace change get them down are indeed generally happier people.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with awareness and intention!  Notice how you are living your life. Appreciate the good things in your life.

Wishing you a series of wonderful moments, every day.

~Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey



You are not the only one with problems

put on a happy face

We all do it sometimes. Putting on a happy face.

If you ever think that most people ‘have it together’ and you don’t, think again.

A typical day for me usually involves helping people with their personal issues, be it anxiety, stress, relationship issues, feeling stuck, health scares, uncertainty about their future, etc.   I must confess that I have been surprised numerous times when someone whom I thought had a perfect life comes to me for a confidential talk, and I see the public persona come down and their real life presented to me.

In helping so many people over the years, it’s become very clear that everyone has issues in their lives. Even those people who appear to be very ‘together’ – perhaps people see them as good-looking, happy, confident, having a beautiful home, great partner, money and a fun social life – often underneath all of that are personal problems that no one knows about, at least to some extent.  Or maybe they are doing great for awhile but then something happens to knock them off track.

I have come to realize that we are all human, meaning we are all having the human experience.  There is no understanding happy without ever being sad, no love without hate.  We move in and out of phases in our lives, and we need to be grateful when we have special people in our lives who come on the journey with us.

I hope this gives you some perspective – that you are not the only one with issues to work out in your life and that you’re missing the secret to being happy.

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving weekend for us here in Canada.  I am giving thanks for all the gifts people have given to me – entrusting me with their deepest thoughts and opening their hearts.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone,