Follow my newsletter: Implementing Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

My journey from being a stressed out corporate worker, to getting cancer, to discovering the joy and strength of mindfulness meditation, to dedicating my life to spreading meditation to as many people in the world as possible has culminated into The Calm Monkey.

My life’s purpose is crystal clear: 

To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation.


In order to reach as many people as I can in the world, I know I cannot do this alone.  This is why I started The Calm Monkey to:

Train experienced meditators to become Mindfulness Meditation Facilitators in the workplace or community.


There is a gap existing in the world today – many people who meditate are eager to share their experience with others and provide a way to practice together, but they don’t want to become a ‘meditation teacher’.   That was exactly how I felt in 2011, so I now help others who are in that position, and it is the most fulfilling work of my life.


Wendy Quan leading corporate meditation

Learn to become a mindfulness meditation facilitator with an easy, practical online course, toolkit and ongoing learning.


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To learn about becoming a facilitator, please visit

Warm regards,

~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey.


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