My life these days – spreading meditation worldwide

It’s been a very long time since I have blogged on WordPress, since these days my life is very full helping to spread mindfulness meditation as much as possible in the world.

A number of years ago, I saw how people could create a more calmer and joyful life if they discovered this practice.  I mustered up the courage, and I quit my corporate career to dedicate my life to doing this.  It’s very hard work, but the most enjoyable ‘work’ I have done in my lifetime.

I know I’m only one person.  So how can I reach the world?  The only way, and the best way, is to harness the passion of other meditators who want to make a difference in the world.  I help them gain the skills and confidence to offer this to their workplace or communities, so the ripple effect goes wide.

I don’t teach these wonderful people how to meditate, instead, I teach them how to share their experience with others and the logistical and operational side of doing this in a credible, respected and engaging way.  Then they can introduce a program in a way that makes sense for business, too.

My life is quite an adventure these days, doing speaking engagements around North America and teaching individuals and organizations worldwide.  I am truly blessed to be able to do this.  Much gratitude here  🙂

My clients are amazing individuals around the world, and I have been blessed to work with organizations such as Google, the government of Dubai, the Cincinnati Health Department, University of British Columbia, and the list goes on . . .

Wendy Quan, workplace meditation

Speaking about mindfulness meditation in the workplace

If you are a passionate meditator who wants to help others discover and practice mindfulness meditation, I invite you to read more:  Maybe you would like to make a positive difference in this world, too  🙂

Warm regards,

~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey.


4 thoughts on “My life these days – spreading meditation worldwide

  1. Congratulations Wendy! We have missed you on the blog, but keep spreading the word – and the skills. That is so awesome. Our workplaces desperately need this.

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