How combining meditation and change management began

meditation_change_management_resiliencyIncreasing personal and organizational change resiliency by combining mindfulness meditation with change management expertise – on the surface, this doesn’t even make sense.

I was asked to tell my story because it is unusual.

The global Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP) Vancouver chapter was curious about how a cancer diagnosis led to creating mindfulness meditation in the workplace. This happened in 2011 which was a time that was pretty bold to do so.  Then, this turned into unveiling and documenting the business benefits of this unique combination.

With much gratitude, it has become an honour to help people discover the important life practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Warmest wishes,

~Wendy Quan, founder, The Calm Monkey.

The Calm MonkeyTheCalmMonkey is an innovator in training and certifying passionate meditators to become mindfulness meditation facilitators in their workplace or community, and helps organizations implement self-sustaining mindfulness programs. The first and only online and in person training of its kind.

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