Business Value of Pairing Mindful Meditation with Change Management

The requests are growing fast for conferences and businesses wanting to hear about the power of combining workplace mindfulness meditation with change management.

Why?  Because the benefits are clear – that this combination truly helps increase personal and organizational resiliency to change.

I’ve been speaking to audiences in the fields of human resources, change management, healthcare, and financial services.  Interestingly, now software development companies are getting interested because they are seeing the need to better understand how to deal with ‘business users’, a.k.a. people.

SolutionsIQ is a well-known agile software development company, and they interviewed Wendy Quan on the subject of mindfulness meditation and change management.

Have a look here:

See their webpage here and find other interviews on the Agile Amped series.

It’s great to see the interest being sparked in all kinds of businesses!

Wishing you a wonderful day,

~Wendy Quan, of The Calm Monkey.


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