Trending conference topic – Workplace mindfulness meditation

The wave has begun – requests for me to speak at conferences about workplace mindfulness meditation are steadily growing, because the evidence for how it helps people and organizations is hard to debate.

When I started teaching meditation in the workplace in early 2011, it was almost a ‘closet’ practice, as myself and my participants were rather unsure about whether to tell people about what we were doing.  But that uncertainty didn’t last long at all. The benefits that we were seeing outweighed any apprehension to tell others what we were doing. We wanted to let others in on this untapped life skill practice.

I work at a large health benefits organization of 730 people, and we are now in our 6th year of having weekly mindfulness meditation sessions at work.  We have 25% of the organization now registered and everyone comes on a drop-in basis when they can.  Keeping it simple, non-religious, interesting and authentic are the keys to success.

I am honoured that speaking requests come easily now. Last year included conferences at UC Berkeley and the Association of Change Management Professionals.  I am excited to say that the largest upcoming two engagements are:

1. The Human Resources Management Association conference at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre, April 26, 2016.


Topic:  Improving Organizational Resilience:
Implementing Workplace Meditation as a Change Management


2.  The global Association of Change Management Professionals conference in Dallas, Texas, May 16, 2016.

TopicACMP logo Innovating the Power of Mindfulness in Change Management.




I plan to keep innovating as this movement grows. If you would like to stay in touch with my latest thoughts, papers, facilitator course and certification offerings, please go to my site and sign-up for my newsletter.

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day,

~Wendy Quan, of The Calm Monkey

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