Teaching youth to be happy – The Gunnar Project

I’ve met someone very special. Someone who has faced unthinkable tragedy and turned it into something beautiful to create positive change.

The Gunnar Project

Anne and Marc Miller. Teaching youth about happiness.

Marc Miller took my Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training course when I recently taught it at UC Berkeley.  From the moment we interacted, I immediately knew he was a special person.  Here is his story.

Marc and his wife, Anne, tragically lost their 19 year old son, Gunnar.  Gunnar loved life, loved sports, had lots of friends and always wanted to make others happy.  He overcame an alcohol addiction by getting treatment, then had a skateboarding accident and never woke up.

The Gunnar Project


This extremely difficult and raw experience gave rise to Marc and Anne Miller’s purpose to start The Gunnar Project, which helps define and teach happiness to youth.  They are changing attitudes and lives in a beautiful way.

The Mission of the Gunnar Project:The Gunnar Project

Connect young adults (actually everyone) to Happiness. 

We are working hard to define Happiness and clearly distinguish it from Happy.

They are defining Happiness as: 

The enjoyable, healthy experience of pleasure, satisfaction or contentment creating a feeling that Life is Good, Meaningful and Worthwhile!

I invite you to visit www.gunnarproject.org to learn more.

I am honoured to know Marc, and wanted to share his story and purpose with you.  We need more people like Marc and Anne in this world to help remind us to appreciate the gift of life, and stop sweating the small stuff.

Marc is now using what he learned in my Facilitator Training course to run guided meditations with youth.

~Wendy Quan, of The Calm Monkey.



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