Don’t wait for a death


Create moments to pause

Did this heading catch your attention?  I hope so.  I say this because in the past while I’ve had conversations with a few people who said they finally ‘get it’.  They get that having someone important in their lives die finally made them realize that they need to pay attention to their lives.

Our lives are so busy.  Our lives are overwhelming. There is too much to do. We have to make more money.  We need more time.  If only…

I invite you to take control of your life, and make one change.  That change is to take intentional pauses in your life, every single day.

A pause can be:

  • Stopping and taking a moment to just ‘be’.  Take a few deep, slow breaths. You really can fit this into your life, no excuses.  You can do this before you leave your house in the morning, before you start the engine in your car, as you wait for a bus, right after you wash your hands. The possible moments are endless.
  • Meditating for 5 minutes each morning when you get out of bed.  You can get wonderful benefits from just 5 minutes of meditation per day, such as decreased anxiety and depression, and creating more joy in your life. Get started with easy guided meditations.

The busier you feel, the more you need this practice.

I am just delighted to talk to people who have discovered this important life practice.  They all tell me that they wish they had realized this sooner.

So don’t let a serious illness or death be the catalyst for change.  Let the desire to have a better life be the catalyst for you to change.

Wishing you peace and calm,

~Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey

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