A perfect New Year’s Meditation

Gratitude and CreationAs we leave 2015 and enter the new year, I offer this simple but powerful meditation for the expression of gratitude and to create your upcoming year.  This is a beautiful way to mark the transition.  See if you can feel the shift in your mind and body as you do this, and after you have finished.  It is likely you will have felt the shift, and this is something you can certainly do frequently as part of your everyday life.

If you don’t know how to meditate, it’s not difficult, but you may want to listen to my free, short instructional recordings.

To prepare:

Sit comfortably and quietly.  Give yourself some time to settle in and just be still.  If you’d like, play soft, slow instrumental music that you find soothing.

This meditation can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as you wish.  A nice duration would be about 15-20 minutes.

  1. Express gratitude for what you are thankful for in your life. Even if you’ve had some difficult times, focus on what you are most grateful for.  You can make a silent statement in your mind, such as ‘I am truly grateful for my family being safe these past few months’.  You may state several things for which you are grateful.  Then ‘sit’ quietly in this gratitude, feeling the gratitude wash over your entire body.  The key thing here is to feel the gratitude in your body.
  2. State your goal or resolution for 2016.  (If you have more than one thing you’d like to work on for 2016, I would recommend working on one at a time.  Go through Steps 2-4 here for each goal, individually.)  Silently, in your own mind, clearly state what you want to achieve, such as “I want to find a new, better job in 2016”, or “I want to be happy in 2016”.
  3. Visualize yourself being successful.  Imagine yourself fulfilling this goal.  For example, see yourself going through the motions of hearing about a new job that you’re interested in, applying for it, being contacted for an interview, going through the interview, getting the offer, and starting the new job.
  4. Feel that you already are successful.  Now, project yourself forward to the point in time that already have that great new job.  Experience how it feels.  This is the key – to experience all the feelings and emotions that you would as you start your new job.  Maybe a bit of nervousness feeling a little overwhelmed in learning the job, excited to meet some new people, the warmth you will have when you get your first paycheque, and pride when your boss tells you that you’re fitting in great. Experience these feelings in your body – this is more than just visualizing.

Whatever your aspirations are for 2016, this meditation is about being very clear on what you want, and experiencing the feelings that come along with already having this happen.  Really sink into this meditation, and feel these emotions in your body as if the event has already happened.

Do you feel it?  Beautiful . . .  keep doing it.  Do this anytime of the year.  You can even do this as a mini-break during the day – just sit quietly for a moment and feel the gratitude, than feel that your desired event has already happened.

Wishing you all the very best in peace and happiness for the new year.

~Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey.


2 thoughts on “A perfect New Year’s Meditation

  1. Namaste. As you generously give of yourself; I am grateful for your gifts and good wishes. May 2016 be filled with good health and joyful moments.

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