How to find your spiritual path

Spiritual path

Find your spiritual path and purpose by learning to sit in silence. It develops your intuition and awareness.

If you live your life in a state of constant busy-ness, life is flying by without much meaning and you figure there must be more to life, I write this post for you.

Allow me to turn the clock back about 15 years ago, and explain that’s exactly where I was in my life.  Life was just busy and although I was doing fine, I did not feel passion for life like I envied in some people I observed.  Now that I’m able to look back to 15 years ago and clearly reflect on what I was feeling, here are the kinds of thoughts I had:

How could I find my path?  Is it a spiritual path I am seeking?  How would I even go about finding a spiritual path? How can I find things I’m passionate about and feel more alive?

For me, I was interested in finding a spiritual path, not necessarily a religious path, but to feel purposeful and connected to something bigger than myself.

I think this subject would be best served by writing a book, any maybe one day I will do that, but for now I offer the benefit of hindsight to you in this short post.

I’m deeply curious about all sorts of spiritual practices, and expect to be a constant life-long learner in this regard.  It doesn’t mean I will believe or follow all these practices, but it’s good to be open, curious and non-judgmental.  The reason I make this point is this:

Given all the various practices I have explored over the past 15 years, the underlying foundation to creating my path in life has been my meditation practice.

The benefits of meditation are many, but in the context of this discussion, meditation allows you to find stillness and to observe your thoughts.  As you cultivate the practice of observing your mind without judgment, you develop the ability to identify less with your thoughts and recognize them as just thoughts.  As such, your intuition develops, and you become more conscious.  You become more able to experience your life differently – even with the same busy-ness in your life, you don’t feel as busy or stressed, instead, you feel more aware and conscious of your life.

With this development of new way of being, you start to find a path that feels fulfilling and right.  You start to feel your spiritual path.  Now, you may or may not feel like calling it a spiritual path, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you awaken to life, and live life with more intention.  This all leads to a happier life.

(With the above few paragraphs, I just felt that I wrote a summary of the last 15 years of my life in this one post.  Wow.)

path through forestEspecially since 2011, my path has become increasingly clear.  A snapshot of who I am now is reflected in my website:

The 2 books that I read early in my journey that helped open my eyes are:

I am deeply grateful for all the experiences I have had, and am excited about my life today.

Wishing all of you peace, love and light in your journey.

~Wendy Quan of The Calm Monkey.

4 thoughts on “How to find your spiritual path

  1. Reblogged this on Business Transformation and commented:
    As we all progress in our own individual journeys, we periodically come across others that are doing related work. I have experienced this several times in life, and Wendy Quan is one of my newest experiences. Like a rope is braided, so are our individual and collective journeys toward greater consciousness.

    In a recent entry, Wendy eloquently and shared simple insight into the meditative experience that we all have access to, if we choose.

    As we enter the culmination of the Holiday season, I encourage you to take 3 minutes to read Wendy’s latest gift to the blogging world. Once you have checked it out, take 5 minutes to stop and consider how you might weave meditating into your 2016 plans, as an investment in yourself and your own happiness, you deserve it.

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