Guided meditation recordings holiday sale

50 percent off

sale on meditation recordings

Coupon code: JOY

Beautiful guided meditation recordings are on sale for the holidays. Also receive two short instructional recordings.

Have a listen to the sample recordings, then use coupon code ‘JOY’ to receive 50% off.

Whether you are a novice or experienced meditator, these recordings are a wonderful way to keep meditation in your life.

A great gift for yourself of someone you care about.

On each volume:

  • 2 instructional recordings for beginners
  • 5 guided meditations, with a choice of my voice (female) or James Fielden’s voice (male)
  • Each guided meditation is 15-20 minutes long – easily fit them into your busy life
  • Professional recordings with soothing background music
  • Developed from years of personal and teaching experience

Volume 1 meditations:

1) Basic Breathing & Relaxation. Foundational breath meditation to get you into the present moment. Includes a special relaxation breath. (Length:  14:10)

2) Healing Screen. Filter out stress and discomfort from your body, feeling refreshed and clear. A favourite in all my classes! (Length: 16.25)

3) Healing Tree. Experience serenity of mind and body when you encounter healing fruits (Length: 16:45)

4) Letting Go. Release what disturbs you with a soothing silent mantra. (Length: 16:40)

5) Self-Confidence. Cultivate self-confidence by learning to feel confidence in your body. (Length: 15:25)

Volume 2 meditations:

1) Gratitude. Cultivate gratitude and feel it in your body. (Length: 15:50)

2) Meeting a Trusted Guide. Develop your intuitive ability and learn to listen to guidance (Length: 23:15)

3) Smiling. Experience the joy that smiling with a loved one brings.  (Length: 15:30)

4) Concentration. Practice improving your concentration. (Length: 13:25)

5) Tree of Life. Be nurtured like a tree, from both the earth and the sky.  Feel grounded. (Length: 14:10)

Go to Meditation RecordingsPlease to go ‘Meditation Recordings‘.  It’s easy to download them.

With these recordings, I offer you peace and calm in your life.

~Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey.

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