Workplace Mindfulness conference called “The Wild West”

I was the ‘new kid on the scene’ at a groundbreaking conference called ‘Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work’, hosted by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

A well-known, well respected leader in the mindfulness industry, James Gimian, publisher of Mindful Magazine, made this memorable remark:  “Folks, this is the Wild West!  We are pioneering the way in bringing mindfulness meditation to workplaces.”  This really rings true to me, as I started doing this 5 years ago and had to forge my own path, despite challenges along the way.

Imagine being among like-minded people who have the common goal of expanding compassion and creating better lives in this world through mindfulness meditation in the workplace – the gratitude I have for this experience is immense.

Let me attempt to encapsulate this for you:

Day 1 – Impressive Speakers

In front a sold-out theater of 550 people, an impressive line-up of speakers shared their insights and data about:

  • Why mindfulness at work?
  • Addressing obstacles
  • Success stories of positive impact
  • How to get started right away – this was when I spoke about tips for becoming a successful workplace meditation facilitator. I also discussed how I incorporate change management into my meditation program to increase change resiliency personally and organizationally.

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Day 2 – Break-out sessions

I taught 70 people how to become successful workplace meditation facilitators.  Again, I was fortunate to be among a wonderful group of people, from many different organizations such as Google, Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, Nestle, Aetna, PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), and many universities and health organizations.

My Train-the-Facilitator program teaches how to get support to start meditation sessions at work, grow its success and be self-sustaining at little to no cost.

The goal: To prepare Facilitators with a toolkit of coordination logistics, best practices, sample communications, meditation scripts and professional guided meditation recordings, so they can easily begin and sustain an ongoing program.

Speaking and teaching at this conference was a precious event in my life.  With much gratitude for the team at the Greater Good Science Center for organizing this conference, we all benefited greatly for ourselves and all the people we will help over time.


~Wendy Quan at


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