Keep boosting Gratitude as a way of life

Greater Good in Action

Greater Good in Action (new website) to boost happiness.
Photo credit: Greater Good in Action.

On the eve of American Thanksgiving (we Canadians celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month), it is a perfect time to pause, reflect, and be grateful for the good things in life.

I am extremely grateful and proud to have been a speaker at the Greater Good Science Center’s (of UC Berkeley in California) conference last week called ‘Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work’, and will write a post of my experience very soon.

The Greater Good Science Center is proud to be the “epicenter for research on happiness and gratitude” (according to The New York Times).  They take research that comes out of UC Berkeley and translate it into ways to make lives more meaningful for people and the world, and have superb knowledge about gratitude and happiness, in particular.

They have just launched a new site called Greater Good in Action – please check this out – it is an amazing collection of wonderful, short and practical things you can fit into your busy day to increase happiness in your life.  Get ideas, learn why and how to do these wonderfully little actions that will keep your life happy.

Greater Good in Action

Superb new website with practical ways to make your life better

My gratitude to everyone who reads my blog.  I wish you a glorious day.

~Wendy Quan of The Calm Monkey


5 thoughts on “Keep boosting Gratitude as a way of life

  1. Hi Wendy
    As a fellow cancer survivor (colon & prostate) I can tell you that I get a great deal of satisfaction
    when I hear of individuals I have talked to, seeing their doctor regarding colon screening. Although it is a case of one at a time, I am pleased to say the numbers are adding up. Cancer
    and my Club Chemo have given me an opportunity to make a difference.
    I am also arranging a food and fund raiser for our local food bank.
    As I have previously mentioned, my reward is being able to do these things and for that I am thankful. My work is strictly as a volunteer.
    Thank you and Enjoy Life !!!.
    Don – Club Chemo

    • Hi Don!
      Good for you! You are serving many others, even beyond what you directly see. I am sure that everything you are doing has a ripple effect, and you’ll never know the extent of your good work. I am really happy to hear how much satisfaction you are getting from what you are doing. Well done, and all the people you have helped are fortunate for what you do.

      Thank you for writing, and have a wonderful, peaceful day,

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