Workplace meditation gets noticed by ‘Business in Vancouver’

workplace meditation

Dedicated employees report numerous benefits from attending workplace meditation classes

Change management is the business practice of helping people and organizations through change.  Mindfulness meditation in the workplace is rapidly gaining momentum.

What happens when you combine change management and mindfulness meditation?  You get employees who are more self-aware, more resilient and manage their stress better. In turn, this makes organizations more adaptable to change.

I have been running meditation sessions at my workplace, Pacific Blue Cross, for almost 5 years. The results have been remarkable:

  • 25% of the organization participants in our weekly meditation sessions (190 employees).
  • 83% of the participants say that it’s helped them moderately to significantly through a major company transformation.
Business in Vancouver workplace meditation article

Business in Vancouver publication catches the story

Business in Vancouver wrote a story about our experience which was published this week.

Also see the winning white paper published by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), called:  Meditation – a Powerful Change Management Tool.  See a video of this paper presented in Las Vegas at the ACMP’s 2015 conference.

Please visit to learn about a workplace meditation program.  It’s been called ‘a sensible approach to workplace meditation’.

Thank you and have a great day,

~Wendy Quan

2 thoughts on “Workplace meditation gets noticed by ‘Business in Vancouver’

  1. Wendy, this is great! Look at all the people you have in your class! You must be doing something really right. Way to go.

    • Hi Sharon, thank you 🙂 I am fortunate in so many ways. There is a great group of people at my work, and they are always so enthusiastic to come and try out different meditations. The stories I receive from them about the benefits they get are heart-warming and makes it all very worthwhile.
      Thanks so much for writing.

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