New Calm Monkey site & lowest priced meditation recordings

The Calm Monkey new wesbsite

See The Calm Monkey’s new website, focusing on meditation in the workplace.

To celebrate the a new look for The Calm Monkey, you are invited to view the website and enjoy the lowest price ever for the guided meditation recordings!   Get 65% off the recordings by visiting the website and using the special discount code MEDITATION.

Why a new website?  Starting meditation and mindfulness in the workplace is definitely on the rise.  I’m being contacted by wonderful people from around the world who are interested in my help, thus, the new website.  My video and white paper are on the website, both called: Meditation – a Powerful Change Management Tool”.

This blog that you are viewing now was started in 2011 and I will keep it here on WordPress.

Thank you for following me and I appreciate all your emails and feedback.  Wishing you a truly wonderful day!

Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey

Wendy Quan from The Calm Monkey








~Wendy Quan

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