How meditation helps in this crazy life

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Life is too fast. What can you do to slow it down?
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Are you on a ride that is crazy busy,  each day running into the next, leaving you feeling exhausted?  You may not even be too aware that your life has a chronic low or mid-level pattern of stress that doesn’t often ease up.

I don’t know what’s happened to the world but just in my short lifetime, the pace of life and the financial and societal pressures of living in this beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia have become overwhelming. I’m sure it’s not too different in most other large cities in this world.

Technology has catapulted our lives into a momentum of craziness, and now, more than ever, is when important life management skills are needed.

Meditation and mindfulness is in the media constantly, but don’t let such popularity fool you.  Yes, I’d say that meditation and mindfulness does seem to be a trend, and I know it will be challenged and likely wane in the media eventually.  But the benefits are real and astounding.

Meditation is not about having a blank mind.

Meditation does not have to be a religious practice.

Meditation provides space in your life to just ‘be’.

Meditation provides space in your life.  It allows you to take a pause.  Imagine what it would be like to just be alone and feel the essence of who you really are, without the layers upon layers of responsibilities you have in this world. Do you even remember who you are without all your responsibilities?  When you create this space and calm in your life, it can feel like a revelation – to remember and experience the feeling of just ‘being’.

Meditation has a very long list of benefits, and everyone’s experience is unique to themselves.  Every ‘sitting’ of meditation is unique as well.  But it always gives you a place to just ‘be’.

If you haven’t tried meditation or have previously tried and it didn’t stick, I encourage you to keep trying, and to get a good instructor who can guide you along the way.  There are so many types of meditation as well.  The trick is to find an instructor who resonates with you, and to find meditation techniques that work for you.  But keep on the search until you find your sweet spot, because it’s so worth it.

Wishing you a peaceful day,


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