Dr. Wayne Dyer – changing the way you see

Dr. Wayne Dyer recently passed away. He was an internationally renowned author and speaker, and helped many in this world with his uplifting insights.  Our gratitude will live on for the shifts he helped many people make.

I’d like to share my favourite quote of his:

Dr Wayne Dyer quote

Creating ‘space’ in your mind allows you to re-frame how you see life.

Please read his quote a few times, then sit quietly just for a moment.  When you take a mindful moment, you create space in your life. Use this space to ask yourself if you can change the way you see a troubling situation in your life differently.

Can you re-frame your perception and create a different, better experience with it?

Wishing you a peaceful day,


4 thoughts on “Dr. Wayne Dyer – changing the way you see

  1. you always give us great food for thought posts, and i enjoy them all but rarely comment. forgive me! one day i’ll have reliable internet, but hey, being off the grid gives me freedom to have mindful moments while creating huge chunks of creative space in my life!

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