Talk about meditation the right way

Meditating in Sedona vortex

It’s tempting to share the benefits of meditation. If you meditate, you know what I mean.

Excited to tell others about meditation?  It’s easy to turn people off quickly if you don’t do it right.  Much of the population is often misinformed about what meditation is, but the general understanding of it is improving these days.

Here’s a great infographic from Mindful about 7 tips for how to talk about meditation.  Here’s the short version:

  1. Don’t force it on anyone.  Appearing overexcited can be annoying!
  2. It’s not about stopping your thinking or clearing your mind.
  3. It’s not just another thing to fit into your day.
  4. It can be hard, but not too hard.
  5. If you can tell the person is interested, listen and find out why. It’s better than coming across all preachy.
  6. Remind them that it can help the nattering in your mind (the ‘monkey mind’)
  7. Say ‘here’s what I know about it and what it’s done for me’.

And here’s another tip that I think is very important:   Keep your ego in check, which means remembering not speak as if you are better than someone else who doesn’t meditate.

If you’ve spoken to many people about meditation, you know there are lots of opinions and levels of interest about it.   Speaking from a place of authenticity and with humility is the best way to capture people’s interest if they are curious about it.

If they are interested but apprehensive about attending a class, suggest that they may want to start with guided audio meditation recordings.  There are lots of good online sites. A resource is my meditation recordings.

Wishing you a peaceful day,





7 thoughts on “Talk about meditation the right way

  1. It’s interesting to see the reactions from others. Some think meditation is really woo woo and others have this idea that it’s really difficult while others that it’s boring. The thing is – it’s really helpful for training the mind to focus on the hear and now, not in future fear.

    • Hi Madeline, you’re so right! Yes, it is really interesting to see reactions from others. I remember how I thought of meditation before I understood it… I thought it was some mystical thing that really woo-woo people did.
      Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.

  2. For me meditation is not only sitting quietly in a peaceful place. Staying focused on whatever I am doing is also meditation for me.
    Your points are well made.

    • Hi Arun, yes, you’re absolutely right. Meditation can be much more than sitting quietly for periods of time. It can be incorporated into things that you do during the day – an idea for a blog post, actually!
      thanks so much,

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