Just released: New guided meditation recordings

5 new recordings just posted

5 new recordings just posted in Volume 2.

I’ve just posted 5 new guided meditation recordings. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed my recordings previously.

I’ve had lovely feedback from people who have downloaded my meditation recordings.  Whether you are a novice or experienced meditator, these recordings are a wonderful way to keep meditation in your life.

Volume 2’s guided meditation recordings is now 60% off as an introductory price. (Regular $29.94, on sale for $11.98 CAD).  Try some for free.  In fact, both Volumes 1 and 2 are on sale now.

On each volume:

  • 2 instructional recordings for beginners
  • 5 guided meditations, with a choice of my voice (female) or James’ voice (male)
  • Each guided meditation is 15-20 minutes long – easily fit them into your busy life
  • Listen to sample clips before you decide to download
  • Professional recordings with soothing background music
  • Developed from years of personal and teaching experience

Volume 1 meditations:

1) Basic Breathing & Relaxation. Foundational breath meditation to get you into the present moment. Includes a special relaxation breath. (Length:  14:10)

2) Healing Screen. Filter out stress and discomfort from your body, feeling refreshed and clear. A favourite in all my classes! (Length: 16.25)

3) Healing Tree. Experience serenity of mind and body when you encounter healing fruits (Length: 16:45)

4) Letting Go. Release what disturbs you with a soothing silent mantra. (Length: 16:40)

5) Self-Confidence. Cultivate self-confidence by learning to feel confidence in your body. (Length: 15:25)

Volume 2 meditations (just released):

1) Gratitude. Cultivate gratitude and feel it in your body. (Length: 15:50)

2) Meeting a Trusted Guide. Develop your intuitive ability and learn to listen to guidance (Length: 23:15)

3) Smiling. Experience the joy that smiling with a loved one brings.  (Length: 15:30)

4) Concentration. Practice improving your concentration. (Length: 13:25)

5) Tree of Life. Be nurtured like a tree, from both the earth and the sky.  Feel grounded. (Length: 14:10)

Go to Meditation RecordingsPlease to go ‘Meditation Recordings‘.  It’s easy to download them.

With these recordings, I offer you peace and calm in your life.

~Wendy Quan

2 thoughts on “Just released: New guided meditation recordings

  1. Wendy, I listened to one of your meditations last night.


    That was/is exactly what I was looking for.
    I love listening to your voice. Thank you!

    Joan H.

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