State-of-the-art: UC Berkeley’s ‘Mindfulness at Work’ conference

Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work conference

Conference at UC Berkeley in California in November

I am excited to be speaking and teaching at UC Berkeley’s conference dedicated to successfully implementing mindfulness into workplaces.  Imagine, a conference specifically on this subject!  Please help me spread the word about this or join me at this conference in California   🙂

Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work conference, Nov 2015

The description:

Join Wendy Quan of Pacific Blue Cross – along with other top scientists, workplace leaders, and mindfulness teachers as they share practical strategies to help transform your work experience and your workplace. This two-day event will cover the state-of-the-art mindfulness at work information and offer in-depth, hands-on workshops. Group rates, sponsorship opportunities, and other discounts available.

Wendy Quan’s train-the-facilitator workshop will equip participants with the tools to set up and run ongoing meditation and mindfulness sessions in their workplace.

I’ll be in superb company as the line-up of Mindfulness and Well-Being conference speakers is impressive.

Greater Good Science Center

The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley sponsors groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well-being, and brings the research to lives of people’s personal and work loves.

When UC Berkeley called to invite me to speak, what struck me is that this is being put on by their Greater Good Science Center. This center is part of UC Berkeley, put together for making lives more meaningful!  My website’s name was ‘Meaningful Western Life’ before it turned into ‘The Calm Monkey’ – so the alignment of values here was completely perfect!  They also take the research produced by UC Berkeley and translate it into meaningful purposes for people, communities and families.

This will be another highlight of my life and I am extremely grateful to be speaking and teaching at this conference.

This opportunity came about because of my white paper selected as the top winning paper by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) for their 2015 global conference:  Meditation – A Powerful Change Management Tool 2015, W Quan.

With much gratitude, I wish you a wonderful day.



2 thoughts on “State-of-the-art: UC Berkeley’s ‘Mindfulness at Work’ conference

    • Thank you Allan! It feels like work sometimes, but most of the time it just feels right, natural and easy. Just following what I’m being called to do and so grateful that I am able to do it.
      Have a wonderful day, Allan,

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