Read this – ‘Today was the worst day ever’ poem

When you think about those dark days you may have, reading this poem may validate those feelings of the big, bad world.  But then read the poem from the bottom up, and see how the world changes.

This brilliant poem was written by a high school student in New York. See how it’s gone viral.

Today worst day ever poem

Poem written by an 11th grader, Chanie Gorkin, in Brooklyn, New York. It’s gone viral on the internet.

Wishing that you see the world mostly from the bottom up  🙂


2 thoughts on “Read this – ‘Today was the worst day ever’ poem

  1. What a wonderfully flexible mind! Thank you for sharing that clever girl’s creative work. It’s all in the point of view, isn’t it!?

    • Hi Maggie! Yes this is a brilliant piece and I’m so glad this young girl wrote it and it’s gone viral. It will be interesting to see what else she writes in her lifetime! What a unique skill.
      Hoping you are well and sending you positive wishes,

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