The best tip ever for organizing supplements!

Supplement sorting

Here’s what you need for a great supplement organization system

If you’re like me and take a hefty amount of supplements or vitamins, dealing with the logistics of taking certain ones at specific times of the day poses a challenge.  Your health provider tells you:  “Take 3 of these, 3 times per day, take 1 of these 2 times per day, ensure you take these 2 together and these other 2 separately….” 

When I was faced with 11 bottles staring at me in the face, I thought how on earth am I going to deal with this?  Even my large drug-store-purchased 7 day pill box wasn’t big enough to deal with all this!

Well, I have a great answer for you!  My wonderful health advisor, Anthony Fulker, a holistic health and lifestyle educator, gave me this fabulous tip.  I’ve shared this with a few friends already and they love it.  So I thought I’d post this for more people to see.

This is a super convenient method for taking your supplements (and/or pharmaceuticals) to work or when you’ll be out for the day.

Here’s what you do.  You only need to sit down to sort this once per week.

Step 1:  Make a list of what supplements you need to take and when.  For example:  Breakfast:  take 2 of Broccogen, take 2 of Vitamin C, etc.  Lunch: take 2 of Vitamin D3, take 1 of Vitamin C, etc  (you get the point).

Step 2:  Now number the lids of each supplement, like below:

Supplement sorting

Number each supplement bottle

Step 3:  Using a muffin tin, fill each muffin cup with the associated numbered supplement.  For example, if Broccogen is #1, fill the first muffin cup with Broccogen, if Curcumin is #2, fill the second muffin cup with Curcumin, etc, like below:

Supplement sorting

Fill up the muffin tin with the supplements, in order, according to your numbered bottles.

Step 4:  Now get the small snack-size zip-lock bags and label 7 of them ‘Breakfast’, 7 of them ‘Lunch’, and 7 of them ‘Dinner’.  Using your paper list that you made from Step 1 above for Breakfast, pick out the various supplements for Breakfast and fill up each of the 7 bags accordingly. Then do this for Lunch & Dinner too.  When you’re done, you’ll have all 21 bags all filled with the right supplements!  See below:

Supplement sorting

Fill up each bag with the right supplements – separated by Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Step 5:  The final touch is optional – I like to keep my bags of supplements in a nice basket on the kitchen counter.  I separate the bags for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with 2 nice greeting cards I got from my dear friend, Vera, so every day I see this and it reminds me of her great vibes.  See below.

Supplement sorting

Use a nice holder or basket to hold your supplements for the week!

Now isn’t that the best tip ever?  It’s easy and I don’t have to think about any sorting at all during the week. I hope this is helpful!


4 thoughts on “The best tip ever for organizing supplements!

  1. This is a GREAT help! I have been standing at my kitchen counter every day opening bottles each time I need to take my vitamins. thanks to you for this time-saver!

  2. Your next tip should be about remembering to take the supplement zip-loks with you when you go out and actually taking the supplements three times a day!

    • LOL, yes indeed! I often forget to take the ziplock with me – maybe I should leave it at the front door so I have to step over it. That is Tip #2!

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