7 things emotionally successful people do

Emotional health is important and closely tied to your physical health.  To me, emotional health isn’t about being a happy or optimistic person, it’s more involved than that.  And I don’t think anyone can always be happy all the time, because life happens and throws challenges at us pretty constantly.

Last night as I visited with a friend, I surprised myself that I was pretty open about my emotional health over my lifetime.  As I look back, I realized that I’ve really had some tough periods where I needed to really muster up strength to regain and keep emotionally healthy.  I’m grateful that I have learned many different life skills that help get me back on track to enjoy life when I have those down periods.

Here is an interesting article by Dr. Mercola that I enjoyed reading and want to share with you.  It’s called 7 Things Emotionally Successful People Do Differently.

In short, here are the 7 things:

  1. Take control of your life
  2. Be flexible
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Create specific goals
  5. Accept yourself
  6. Keep your stress in check
  7. Let the little things slide

See where emotion is felt in your body:

The article goes on to talk about the health benefits of happiness,  emotion and your body, Emotional Free Technique (EFT) and more strategies for happiness.

So I invite you to have a read of this article – it’s worthwhile!





2 thoughts on “7 things emotionally successful people do

  1. Thanks for this post Wendy. It’s extremely helpful and very practical. I have also passed it along to a friend who is going through a rough patch. Thanks again for being so willing to reflect on your own experiences and put meaning to them so that we may all benefit. Happy summer!

    • Hi Elanna! It’s really thoughtful of you to help your friend. Your friend is lucky to have you 🙂
      Thanks so much and wishing you all the best!

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