Take the Gratitude Quiz

Greater Good Science Center

The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley sponsors groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well-being, and turns the research into reality for people’s personal and work lives. What a wonderful thing to do!

Take this Gratitude Quiz by the Greater Good Science Center from the University of California, Berkeley.

Research shows that grateful people are happy people.  Test yourself to see how you score!

You don’t have to enter your email address to take the quiz, unless you want to save the results.

I got a score of 96 out of a 105.  How grateful are you?


14 thoughts on “Take the Gratitude Quiz

  1. I scored a 94. After going through the questions it only confirmed for me how grateful I am that I can sit at my laptop in my comfortable condo and take such a quiz. I may have lost points on number 18 as to my age. lol
    Living life and loving it.

    • Well said, Grasshopper. If we all took a moment to sit back and think about what we DO have, we would realize how amazing many parts of our life are. Our human brains like to keep poking at us with negativity and it takes work to keep that in check.
      You made me look back on what Question 18 is – about ‘highest level of education’. I imagine this might not be included in the scoring but instead is just to statistical purposes for the researchers to get the demographics of who’s answering the questions. It shouldn’t be part of the scoring in my opinion!

  2. I scored 104 out of 105…I did a Harvard-designed survey recently of over 100 questions to reveal what my top leadership strengths are and my #1 strength was gratitude. I was actually quite disappointed and thought that a good leader should have more proactive strengths. It’s given me a lot to think about….just wish I knew how to use gratitude more!

    • Hi there! Wow that is an amazing score. That sounds a little ironic actually – being disappointed that your #1 strength is gratitude 🙂
      Well, if Harvard and Berkeley’s research are correct, it means you are a very happy person – do you feel happy most of the time?

      Thanks so much for sharing your score and experience.

      • Ha ha yes…doesn’t sound right does it? I guess I thought I would come out of the survey with something more solid like “strategic thinking”. It’s been good though and given me much food for thought, and I’ve noticed it more in my working life…I AM grateful. All the time.
        Yes, I am an exceedingly happy person. That’s not to say I don’t get grumpy (my kids will attest to that!) or disappointed or don’t long for things in life, but at my core I am happy.

      • How exceedingly wonderful! Wow, I sure don’t meet many people like you. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you, or even people who took the time to pause and practice gratitude on a regular basis.
        The fact that you get grumpy sometimes just validates you are indeed human. 🙂
        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and keep having wonderful days!

    • Isn’t this quite an insightful tool? Before I took the quiz, I thought ‘I will probably score 100%’ but I didn’t! It humbled me 🙂

      It’s a good reminder. And I know I’ll need the reminder from time to time!

  3. score: 98 — Numbers 2, 3 and 4 were the ones a bit off for me; i don’t like to ‘open old wounds’ and reflect on those painful lessons. I will always be grateful for those lessons that made me a stronger person, but certainly don’t look back unless I cross paths someone having that same issue. then i can have empathy for them, and i also know they’ll get thru it and will eventually be stronger b/c of the hurdle. ..

    having recently witnessed and personally experienced an outbreak of chikungunya, i have seen many cases of suffering. thankfully most of these people will have suffered, but they will also have returned or will return to a nrmal life.. and we all will embrace our good health on a daily or hourly basis!.

    every time i sit down to a balanced meal in a restaurant, i am grateful. with the ‘blue-plate special’ costing 3 dollars here in ecuador, i am grateful often. ditto for seeing those who are suffering from physical or medical problems – almost always ona bus there is someone to remind me that my life is so blessed… and i go thru life on a very humble budget and lifestyle…

    thanks for pointing us to this.


    • Hello Z, how interesting and inspiring to read your comment. I just looked up chikungunya and see it is a viral infection caused my mosquitos. So you have been through it too and can thankfully be grateful for your health now.
      I often think of my health and realize that I do need to appreciate it every day. And eating healthful food isn’t always ‘easy’ and most people aren’t that interested in eating healthfully, which I don’t quite understand. I’m glad to hear you have good, inexpensive food available to you in Ecuador.

      Thank you very much for commenting and giving us all insight into your world. All the very best,

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