5 things to remember when you’re having a bad day

bad dayHaving a bad day?  Having a bad week?  Most of us like to think we are pretty positive people, but even if we are a ‘glass is half full’ person, those bad days can hit pretty hard.

I just had one of those days where everything was going along fine, and BAM! one conversation threatened to change the course of something that is very important to me.  It parked itself in my mind so loudly and my monkey mind was rampant.  My stomach was in knots, and I had to employ all the relaxation techniques I could think of.

Here are 5 things to remember when you’re having a bad day:

1) Do something to ground yourself

First, do something to help relax your mind and body. There’s a lot you can choose from that invoke the relaxation response in your body.

  • Pause, and breathe. Stop what you’re doing even for a minute or two. Focus on your breath.  Breathe & flow.
  • Foot Regulation – Raise the heel of your right foot at the same time as raising the toes of your left foot. Then slowly alternate the movement (rock the feet so now your left heel is raised and your right toes are raised).  Keep this rocking/alternating motion going, back and forth. Do the movement very slowly, while sitting or standing for a few minutes.

2) Think of life as an adventure

Take a moment to put some distance between your upset thoughts and your life.  Look upon your life as an adventure and know that ups and downs are part of life. This can help provide a level of acceptance about what is happening.

3) Know it will pass

Everything changes over time, right?

4) Can you see the lesson?

What about this tough time is a learning for you?  Sometimes the learning is to simply be grateful for what you do have. Sometimes the bad thing does open up doors to something new.

5) Can you find the gratitude?

Remind yourself that there are always things in your life to be grateful for.  Know that many people would choose your life over their life. Count your blessings, because there are many.

Life is a series of moments.  Don’t waste these moments letting yourself be so angry or upset.

I wish you a wonderful day, not a bad day.



6 thoughts on “5 things to remember when you’re having a bad day

  1. The part about knowing that there are always people that would choose your life over there’s stood out for me. Thank you..

    • Hello Grasshopper, glad this resonated with you. Imagine all the thousands or actually more like millions, of people out there who are faced with so much difficulty, and situations we can’t even imagine. When we have a typical ‘bad’ day, and we put this into perspective, it almost can seem silly. It’s all about perspective and attitude, isn’t it.
      Thank you for commenting and enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks, Wendy as your message could not have come at a better time for me. Your timing is always perfect! I
    just had a heart attack that led to emergeancy angioplasty last Fri. I still could not believe it could happen to me as I was playing tennis with my co-workers, friends. Thanks be to God for giving me another life!!!

    • Oh my goodness, Roland!!!!!! Wow, that’s really startling. Thank goodness you’re OK!
      That’s a ‘bad’ day to the extreme. But now that the acute period has passed, I’m sure you’re counting every single blessing you have.
      I am wishing you nothing but great health and well being. Heal completely.

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