Anxiety woes

anxiety quoteI had another wonderful conversation today with a friend about how we feel anxiety sometimes. Intellectually, we know that anxiety is fear about the future, and that the fear isn’t real. Anxiety is just our worries about something that may happen.  But even with this intellectual and logical thinking, it’s still hard to reduce such anxiety.

Then sometimes when we’re catching ourselves feeling anxious, we feel guilty and foolish because we know that we should just change our thinking and smarten up!

Her anxiety is often about small things, such as:  “I’ve mailed in this bill payment and I fear it will get lost in the mail” or “What if I forgot to lock the house door?”  Even though these are relatively small things, it interferes with her daily enjoyment of life.  I’ve asked her to look into Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which she is thankfully exploring.

I’m certainly nowhere near perfect, but have found ways to reduce anxiety successfully sometimes.  It seemed to help her, so I thought I’d share these with you too.

  1. Is your mind manufacturing stories?  Recognize when your anxiety are ‘thoughts’ and are not reality.  Be clear on what the facts are, instead of letting your mind create stories.
  2. Trust that if something does go wrong, you can handle it!  (You really can.)
  3. Don’t miss today. Realize that by worrying, you are taking away from your life’s experience of the present moment. Don’t let life fly by you.  Learn mindfulness to help bring yourself into the present moment, especially when you have anxious moments.

By practicing these techniques over time, you can get relief from anxiety, plus, you’ll start to enjoy life more!




4 thoughts on “Anxiety woes

  1. Once the presence of my anxiety is triggered by my thought internally or hearing a bad news externally, the feeling is already very uncomfortable and my mind doesn’t seem to co-operate with me either to begin with . Therefore trying to think intellectually and logically to overcome my anxiety simply doesn’t want to kick-in spontaneously because I simply don’t have that stage of being calm and peace to do many things. So let be it and I am using mindfulness breathing space instead and it works in calming my feelings first to a reasonable level. Then things are much easier to handle . I am not perfect yet but I believe keep practicing daily will enhance my skill further to control my nasty anxiety.

    • David, a sincere thank you to you for sharing your story. Anxiety is prevalent and is difficult for many people. It will be comforting for people to hear your story, and to know that mindful breathing does provide some relief.

      Well done! and thanks again,

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