A highlight of my life – speaking in Las Vegas about meditation and change management

I’m at the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Conference in Las Vegas, and this has been a highlight of my life!  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak about my experience in introducing meditation and mindfulness to the workplace to help people through change.

I wrote a paper about that was chosen as a winning paper and is available to read on the conference website:  “Meditation – A Powerful Change Management Tool”, and then I was invited to speak about it at the conference.

The response has been enormous – there are so many lovely people here who want to hear about a unique approach to change management. If you connect with people at an individual and genuine level, and help them be self-reflective about how they are experiencing change, this is what makes change easier and successful, whether at work or in their personal lives.

There is so much to say about my experience here. I’ll blog about it more in future posts.  For now, I’d like to share just a few photos of the special people I have met.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I have met at this conference, and all of you who are contacting me by email and social media.  What a community of passionate people who are so willing to share and connect.  Thank you for making my experience here something I will never forget.   Please stay in touch at TheCalmMonkey@gmail.com.


10 thoughts on “A highlight of my life – speaking in Las Vegas about meditation and change management

    • Aw, thanks Arun 🙂 I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity to speak, and the people at the conference made me feel pretty special.
      I’m sure you are helping many people as well by who you are.
      Have a wonderful day!

  1. So happy it went well, Wendy. You looked so poised and professional! Can’t wait to hear the details……….

    Love, Barb

    • Hi Barb! Glad I looked poised because I had a couple of things go wrong just before the session! Wardrobe malfunction and my powerpoint was corrupt! But thank goodness I’m an overplanner because that saved the day. 🙂 Fun to see your comment.

  2. So glad you are having a wonderful experience, Wendy! And you got to see Elton John…one of my faves! Congratulations on taking chances and enjoying the rewards!

    • Thanks Heather 🙂 You’ve seen this grow from the beginning, and the support I get from people like you is what keeps me going. Thank you so much.

  3. Wendy: Ron and I are so proud of you on a well deserved opportunity to attend and speak at this special conference. You are lucky, but they are too. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    xoJudy and Ron

    • Hi Judy and Ron – I’m able to take a deep breath now that the day is over. What a memorable day, wow. Thanks so much for your loving support, as always,

  4. Wendy, you not only created a wonderful program that demonstrably helped PBC through a difficult transition, but you wrote very clearly about it as well. I’m sure you’ll have companies contacting you for consulting services now.



    • Hi Les! Thank you for spending the time to read my paper – it’s an honour. Today was very surreal for me, and the evening ended with a great party with wonderful food and dancing 🙂 A most perfect day. Yes, there’s a lot of interest by this group indeed. So fun!
      I hope you are doing well and sending you my best,

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