Think you can’t meditate?

The Calm Monkey

MeditationMany people say ‘I can’t meditate, I can’t sit still, I can’t quiet my mind.’

Without fail, as I ask questions about their experiences in how they came to that conclusion, I find these common issues that led to their attitude that they can’t meditate:

  • ‘I can’t blank out their mind’, or ‘my mind is so busy and my thoughts won’t stop.’
    • My response:  It’s important to know that blanking out your mind is not necessarily the goal of meditation. The focus of your meditation (whether it’s your breath, a silent mantra, etc) is what you concentrate on. Thoughts will naturally come to mind, and your job in meditation is to gently return to your focus.

  • ‘I’m too busy to meditate.’
    • My response:  Meditation does not need to be daily for an hour, as many people assume.  Even taking 10 minute breaks to meditate can produce huge benefits. Also, mindfulness…

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