Wonder if meditation conflicts with praying?

Hand mudraIs praying the same thing as meditation?  How are they different?  They do conflict or work as cross purposes?

These are questions that I’ve received over the years, and it has sparked many interesting conversations.

There are many descriptions of meditation, and there isn’t a universal definition.  Most people would agree that meditation is spending time in contemplation, active concentration and observing the mind. The benefits are vast, and the reasons people practice meditation are just as vast.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily about blanking out the mind or having no thoughts.  This unfortunate misconception often is a roadblock to people taking the step to learn meditation.

The way I see meditation and prayer is that some people choose to pray during meditation.  Here is another beautiful way to look at this:

Praying is about asking.  Meditation is about listening.

I do not see any conflict between meditation and prayer.  People who pray often see it as a type of meditation.

I hope this has brought a helpful perspective on the subject.  When I have offered this perspective to people who ask, they seem very satisfied and peaceful with the answer.

Have a wonderful day,



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