A simple meditation for children

mindfulness for children

You don’t have to call it ‘meditation’, just ask your child to breathe deeply and watch the stone go up and down.

This simple meditation can calm your child down and help him to relax and focus, or fall asleep faster.

So many of my meditation students tell me “I would love to teach my child meditation to give him this life skill at a young age.” Here is a simple, fun technique that you can try with your child at home.  Maybe he has trouble settling down at bedtime, or maybe she needs to calm down and focus before doing homework? You don’t have to call it meditation or mindfulness.  Just tell him that “we’re going to do a fun little exercise to calm us down” (or whatever works for your child). Consider doing this along with your child.

  1. Have him lie down comfortably.
  2. Place a small stone, or an object like a small toy, onto his tummy.
  3. Ask him to breathe slowly and deeply, into his belly, and and just watch the stone go up and down.

Even doing this for a few minutes is a great way to get him to focus his attention on his breathing and invoke the relaxation response. This is a mindfulness meditation. This is a technique I saw in a documentary called Free the Mind. In this film, war veterans with PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) and young children with anxiety were taught meditation. For both the veterans and the children, meditation eased their pain and nervous system, helped them calm down and drastically reduced anxiety.  It resulted in finding happiness and peace in their lives. I hope you give this a try.  I’ve had reports that it helps their child fall asleep at night. What a wonderful thing!

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