Finding happiness by dropping your form

I led this meditation for my sitting group this week. Many had some really moving and intriguing experiences from doing this meditation. Give it a try, while playing some soothing music.

The Calm Monkey

Uncovering your inner happiness Uncovering your inner happiness

I know you have probably heard that money doesn’t buy happiness.  But let’s go beyond that now . . . how can you find happiness in this busy, stressful world?

I’ve learned something quite profound that’s helped me become a happier person. I’ll share this with you.

Do you agree that as we live our lives, more and more stuff gets layered onto our state of being?  All those times you’ve been burned by friends and co-workers, how your parents criticized you, how that other driver yelled at you because you were in his way?  All of these experiences affect you. I think you would agree that you have created layers of defense around you over time.

All these layers protecting you develop into your current state of being – how you behave, how you think and feel, and how happy you are.

Imagine these layers…

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