Feb 14, 2015 – A Sound Healing Event

Sound healing tools

Sound healing sessions are a powerful way to feel grounded, centered and connected.

What is sound healing? Cultures all around the world use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness.  Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings.  Even if you’ve never heard of sound healing before, you probably would agree that listening to music can change how you feel.

‘Sound healing’ can be listening to music, drumming, singing bowls, gongs, or any sound vibration.  It can also be something you vocalize yourself – whether you are humming, singing, or chanting a mantra.

I sometimes use sound healing when I teach meditation classes, and the feedback is always so positive.  Using sound can really help bring a sense of calm, and help your mind and body enter into a state of relaxation and centeredness.  For those of you who meditate, using sound helps you enter into a state of meditation faster and deeper.

The healing energy of sound is very powerful.

I often like to use the music of Jonathan Goldman.  He is holding an event on February 14, 2015 as his 13th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY. At 12 noon (local time in your time zone), sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.  Even if you cannot participate at 12 noon, he encourages to participate anytime on February 14.

See his event site here if you would like to join in!


Have a wonderful day, wherever you are in this world.



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