Really, saying YES can make your life better

YesHere’s a simple way to shift something stressful into something that feels OK, or even good.  Recently I posted an article Say YES to Life that sparked some great emails from my readers to me.

I’d like to offer some simple but specific examples that may make you go ‘hmm’ and want to give it a try:

Example #1:  You have a social event coming up that is causing you some anxiety.  You keep thinking about it over and over again, playing out scenarios in your mind that are stressing you out.  Such as:  “I’ve never been to that part of town before and I hope I don’t get lost.  I won’t really know anyone there.  The person I do know is someone I had an awkward falling out with. What if my back pain acts up and I can’t sit down long enough? etc, etc….”  Your monkey mind is busy causing you worry about such negligible thoughts.

Saying YES to yourself about the event can change your entire perspective on this.  Catch yourself when your mind starts playing those anxious thoughts, stop for a moment, then say YES to the event.  Stop the ruminations and switch your mindset to YES.  Bring up the image of you attending the event and overlay it with the feeling of YES.  You could add thoughts such as “Yes, the event will be a worthwhile experience. Yes, it will be good to go.”  Just settle in and feel the YES in your body.

Example #2:  You are concerned about your friend.  He is faced with a possible diagnosis and you can’t stop worrying about it.   It’s really getting you down.

Saying YES to this situation can help your reaction to the situation. You already intellectually know that worrying is not going to help anything.  So feel the YES in your mind and body as you say YES to the flow of your friend’s journey.  “Yes, whatever happens, I am here to support him through it.  Yes, I feel good that I can help him.”

Remembering to say YES, and learning to feel it in your mind and body takes practice.  Relax into the YES. You can do this for even the smallest things that tend to stress you out.  You can choose your thoughts, you really can.  Give it a try on anything you want – see if makes your life better!




2 thoughts on “Really, saying YES can make your life better

  1. Thank you Wendy for this post, the examples really help. Otherwise I’d be thinking “I’m supposed to say “YES” to having back pain in a strange part of town amongst strangers – no thanks! But I see what you have done – if one has decided to attend, the RSVP has been received, then just say YES and focus on what positives may come from it.

    • Hi Carolyn, oh that’s good to hear. When I heard about saying Yes to life, I too wondered exactly how to apply this practice. Over the past few weeks I’ve found a number of ways to use it, so I thought I would share it. It really does make life feel smoother, like I’m not ‘trying’ so hard to turn something negative into a positive.
      Thanks so much for your comment!

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