Say YES to life


Saying ‘Yes’ to your life’s experiences creates a positive flow.

What does ‘going with the flow of life’ mean?  Do you feel like you’re traveling upstream much of the time? You may have heard about the technique of saying ‘Yes’ to your life, even to the things that are bad in your life.  I would like to discuss that, because it may seem like a very strange and difficult thing to do.

Saying yes to some part of your life that you see as negative, does not mean that you like it.  You can say yes to pain, sorrow, guilt, and to things that aren’t going well for you.

Try this:

  1. Think of something that isn’t going well in your life. It may be a day-to-day thing, like bad traffic, or it may be bigger, like a unhealthy relationship you have with your parents or a health condition that you have.
  2. Now say ‘No!’ out loud or in your mind, while you are thinking of this bad thing, like trying to reject it.  How does that feel?  Not very good, I imagine.
  3. Now say ‘Yes!’ out loud or in your mind. How does that feel?
  4. Which one feels better, opens you up and helps you feel lighter?

Your Yes means that you accept the facts as they are.  That you are not resisting them emotionally, even if you are taking steps to change them.   This usually brings some peace to the situation within you.

When I remember to do this, it really makes a positive difference for me.  It helps me to feel like all those things that are irritants in life feel a bit easier.  It reminds me that life is an adventure, a journey, and that all happenings and emotions are part of the human experience.

Try saying Yes to many things in your life, throughout your day.  Yes, it’s raining and gloomy today. Yes, people are hungry around the earth, and many others are helping them.  Yes, my job is difficult sometimes.  Yes, I had cancer.  Yes, I worry too much.  Yes, I’m not a good cook. Yes, I get depressed sometimes.

Remember, this is building acceptance within you, which affects your state of being and your emotions.  It doesn’t mean you like everything or that you aren’t going to try to change them.

So say Yes to the flow of life, to your human experiences, and see what a difference it can make for you.

Here is a lovely, simple breath meditation you can do:

  1. Sit quietly, and close your eyes and your lips gently.  Take a moment to settle down, and give yourself permission to take this break.
  2. Once settled, take a wonderful energizing inhalation.  On the exhalation, breathe out a relaxing Yes.  This is a quiet Yes in your mind, and release the stress of whatever may be bothering you by breathing out and releasing with the Yes.
  3. Feel this Yes in your body.
  4. Do this for several minutes – even 5 minutes is wonderful.

This is a very good technique to be practice mindfulness as well.  Be aware that you are aware. Be mindful of your emotions and experiences.

I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day.


10 thoughts on “Say YES to life

    • Hi Sharon, that’s wonderful to hear! Thanks for letting me know. Do you mind if I ask what the nature of your topic is where it’s helping you?

      • My boss is treating me with suspicion. I don’t think she trusts me. I’ve been saying Yes, that whatever happens will happen. Yes I will continue to do my best and let her do what she thinks she should do.

    • Hello David,

      Wow, thank you for taking the time to say so. I really appreciate that.
      When I remember to say Yes to challenges, it truly does help me quite a lot. I hope it helps you and others too!
      Have a great day,

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