Spiritually quarantine malevolent thoughts

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a spiritual public figure, an author and speaker.

I struggle to understand why people intentionally hurt others.  When I see the news about awful events such as what happened recently in Paris, I’m not completely sure what to do.

It is good to send peace and love to the victims and families of such violence acts. But would you do something for those who caused the suffering?

Marianne Williamson posted this on Facebook, and I like it.  Perhaps this will be helpful to you, too.

“Meditate every day for 5 minutes on spiritually quarantining all terrorists and would-be terrorists, placing them within a golden egg whose shell is built of an energy like titanium. Malevolent thoughts can’t extend past the shell to turn into manifestation, and within the shell a divine light is released that heals the mind that is thinking such thoughts.”

If you believe that we are all connected, and/or that intention matters, doing these simple practices would be very a positive act.


2 thoughts on “Spiritually quarantine malevolent thoughts

    • Hi Arun, yes, I think it can be this simple. At least when it comes to other people (a whole conversation unto itself!). I can’t imagine the rage that must flow through some people to create such acts. It’s so unsettling.

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