A new year of gratitude

Vancouver from Jericho beach park

Today, and every day, is a chance to remember the beauty you have in your life. Here is a photo taken yesterday as I went for a walk with my friend at Jericho beach park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The turning of the calendar

Some reflect

Some worry

Some stress

Some plan

Some are sad, some are happy,

But most of all, it’s another opportunity to be grateful for the time we have here on earth.

As the calendar turns, may I ask, where is your mind right now?

As we close 2014, I wish you love, light and laughter now and for 2015.

Thank you for following my blog.


2 thoughts on “A new year of gratitude

  1. Thank you very much for continuing your wonderful mission of inspiring people. All the best for you and all your loved ones in 2015!!!

    • Hello Rolando! Oh so nice to hear from you! Haven’t seen you for awhile now. Thank you for the lovely wishes, and I wish you and your family very well. Lots of happiness to you for 2015.

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