Celebrating Life today!

celebrating life

Birthdays – a great time to celebrate life.

Hi everyone,

Today is my birthday. It’s a rather ‘big’ birthday, so I’m a having a typical human experience of reflecting on my life and stressing out a little about a milestone birthday.

But overarching all this, is the feeling of Celebrating Life.  I am here, I’m alive, I am keeping myself healthy, and my life is filled with wonderful people who make my existence all worthwhile.

The yin and yang of life, the ups and downs, all make us human and life is rarely boring.

Thank you to each of my readers – you are out there, and we connect through this thing that we used to refer to as the ‘information highway’.  I’m probably showing my age by using terms like the ‘information highway’ and admitting that I love 80’s disco, but who cares!

singing bowl from Nepal

A beautiful singing bowl from Nepal that I will use when I teach meditation! Thank you my dear, Vera.

Oh!  I got my first birthday gift just now – look!!  An authentic singing bowl from Nepal!  I’m so thrilled!  Thank you to my angelic, dear friend, Vera.  What a lovely start to my special day.

Sending out love, light and laughter to everyone today, and always.  Please celebrate life and enjoy the moments.

Love, light and laughter,



24 thoughts on “Celebrating Life today!

    • Thank you James!! I’m soooo happy. We had a big party that was my ideal evening. Surrounded with friends and family whom I love, and lots of dancing to 80’s music!
      Sending you love and light,

  1. Hi Wendy, a very happy birthday to you! I will be celebrating the same milestone in a week and I’ve come to appreciate each and every day the older I get. I hope you celebrate this special occasion – you deserve it!

    • Hi Diana! thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your milestone as much as I did. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by many special friends and family, and dance to 80’s music all night! Yay!
      Happy birthday to you, too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wendy! You always share your wisdom, your insights and your love for life with all of us. On your special day, here’s wishing that happiness and good health find you always, and bring the best of life to you-Rajpal

    • Rajpal, thank you SO very much. So kind of you to write. It is a very special day and it’s been a blur of people reaching out to share good energy. All the very best to you, too! You are sharing goodness too and that is an act of compassion and kindness. Good for you!

  3. Hi Wendy, Happy Birthday to you!!! I just had a milestone birthday myself last week. More than any other, 50 has had a huge impact on me. No longer do I feel life will last forever. No longer to do I feel like I have all the time in the world. And the blessing in that is that I realize with greater clarity than ever before that every moment I have is precious. It is with great urgency that I clarify my purpose on this planet and focus my energy through disciplined practice to express what it is I came here to express. And to share what I came here to share. And to love those I came here to love. To clear away the gunk that holds me back from being the shining star I am and by doing so to help everyone else realize the truth. . . that they are a shining star too. Shine on, dear Wendy!

    • Oh hello, Paul! What a very lovely gift to receive such a heartfelt note from you. Yes, I feel that at this age, life purpose does become front and center. It sounds like you have found your purpose, and are living it with passion. That is truly wonderful. Be the shining star you are!
      Thanks SO much for writing,

    • Hi Will!! Thanks so much!! A great day to celebrate life, for sure!
      Wishing you all the best. You are spreading joy amongst all those you share your meditation talents with.

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