Dangers & tips about cell phone radiation

If you have concerns about the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, good for you.  You should be concerned.

The slide below was shown at a conference I attended where a world-renowned scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, showed the effect of cell phone electromagnetic radiation on the human energy field.

  • On the left, it shows a typical human energy field before talking on a cell phone – it’s essentially fine and you can see energy emanating all around the person.
  • The middle image shows how the person’s energy field is affected after 20 minutes of cell phone use.
  • The rightmost image shows the effect after 30 minutes of cell phone use. The energy field is very broken and weak.  It’s been significantly compromised.
Cell phone affects energy field

It’s shocking how cell phone radiation affects the human energy field after 30 minutes.

Dr. Korotkov gave a number of tips about cell phones, such as:  do not have a cell phone in your bedroom as you sleep. Even though you’re not talking on the cell phone, there is still electromagnetic radiation from smart phones as they are constantly transmitting information.

I recently came across the Environmental Working Group’s Smart Cell Phone Use tip sheet and found it very useful, and Dr. Korotkov also echoed these tips as well to minimize your radiation exposure. Here is some information from the National Cancer Institute on the subject of the cancer risk of cell phones. It states that ‘more research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly’.

I hope you take this into account and take precautions to minimize your risk.  I personally know two people who received a cancer diagnosis in the place where they wore their cell phones on their belt buckle.  Please take care.


2 thoughts on “Dangers & tips about cell phone radiation

  1. He’s a long awaited breath of fresh air when it comes to cancer cure. Bravo Dr. Shiong. And keep up the good work. Also, please reject the offers that will come at you from the big Pharma companies to buy you off from finding a cure. Convince them that they shouldn’t be threatened by you from making less money but encouraged that they will still make money. Some people think they have a cure already but don’t want to release the information because there making a lot of money with the chemo and radiation treatments they now have. That may sound crazy to some but when was the last time you read that a CEO of one of the top Pharma companies died of cancer??? Just think about it for awhile…

    Tom L

    • Hello Tom – bravo! I agree. I hate to broad-brush a whole industry, but there is definitely a huge factor in big money and big pharma companies, and how this largely influences the face of healthcare, which in turn affects how individuals are treated.
      I agree, Dr. Shiong is doing magnificent work, and I really like that he is able to professionally articulate what he is doing.

      Thanks so much Tom!

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