What if you saw every day as an adventure?

My dear friend, David, said something important to me that helped me re-frame my view of the hum drums of everyday life.

“I see everything as an adventure. Even the seemingly mundane things like going to the grocery store.”

I just love that perspective.  What if I looked at the daily routine as an adventure?  What could I re-frame to turn the boring routine into an adventure?  When you think about it from that perspective, then you can:

  • Shop at the grocery store, and find things to discover.  You can have a fun interaction with the cashier clerk, or people watch.
  • Commute to work, and notice the unfolding of people’s lives all around you.  Be grateful for being mobile and independent. Will you encounter something interesting along the way?
  • Cook dinner mindfully, by taking little extra moments to smell, touch and observe your food.  Think about where your food came from, and the travels it had to get to you in this moment.
  • Use your morning routine of getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth & showering as a time to realize that your life awaits you each day, and that every day is actually unique if you pay attention to it.
See the mundane as an adventure

Notice the present moment. Every moment counts.

Don’t let life pass by unnoticed.

Personally, one of the most treasured things I experience in life is the meaningful interactions I have with people.  Even if it’s a short few minutes, to make connections with people is what gives me energy. I like to notice and treasure these moments amidst an otherwise ‘boring’ day.  For example, while walking down the same old hallway at work I wonder ‘who will I see?’

Every comment or email I get through this blog is also a treasure to me, so feel free to email me at TheCalmMonkey@gmail.com anytime just to say hi, or share a thought you have below.

Have an adventurous day.


8 thoughts on “What if you saw every day as an adventure?

    • Hello Arati – GREAT comment — by ‘choice’. We do have a choice in everything we react to. We really do. But we forget this easily. The reminders are great to have.

      Thanks so much!

  1. I’ve had this prospective all my life, and I’ve found for myself that the daily adventures rolled into a place of being content. In-other-words, I could be someplace where most people would be bored, yet I would be content, simply because the adventure was in that moment. The adventure can be outside of myself, as in a hike in the wilderness. Or, an adventure within the self, as in observing people without judgement and riding that wave of contentment.

    Thank you for the reflection,

    • Chris, a lovely addition to my post! Thank you for further giving examples and sharing how you live your life. This is a really important way of being. Much appreciated. All the best to you,

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