Top 3 meditator stories – November 2014

I love to share people’s experience with meditation and mindfulness with you. Here are the top 3 for this month.

#1. From co-worker going through a terrible divorce:

When she is in divorce meetings with the lawyers, she picks an object to focus on whenever there’s a pause in the discussion.  The object she picked recently was a Canadian flag blowing in the wind, off in the distance as she gazed out the window.  She studies it, noticing how it dances in the wind. Mindfully focusing on an object really keeps her calm and grounded amidst stressful meetings.

#2.  From a friend while in the dentist chair:

Repeating a simple, silent mantra to concentrate on really helps ease the anxiety of dental work.  My friend simply chooses calming words to repeat silently. Her chosen words are:  “peace, calm, peace, calm …”

#3.  Using singing bowls to go deeper into relaxation:

Singing bowls are wonderful sound healing tools. They often come from Tibet or Nepal. If you don’t have a singing bowl, you can play recordings of singing bowls or attend a sound healing meditation session.  Whenever I play my singing bowls in my meditation class, people love it and find they go into relaxation quicker and deeper.

singing bowl

There are many types of singing bowls that produce various tones. Rubbing the mallet outside the rim of the bowl produces a lovely sound.

There are so many opportunities all throughout our day to incorporate meditation and mindfulness. Remember that your breath is always accessible to you.  It can be as easy as focusing on your breathing for a minute.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 meditator stories – November 2014

  1. I love that you remind everyone of the breath. We have all heard at some time someone say just breath, stop and take a breath, stand hear and breathe it all in. Most importantly when we enter the world a Doctor’s voice usually saying now take a deep breath and push. What a simple message with so much impact. Oh how many moments could be handled with so much more focus if all it took was to take that wonderful breath.

    • Hi Grasshopper, interesting that you mention entering the world with the doctor’s voice. You’re so right! Paying attention to our breath is a learned skill, but once we do this, it’s so comforting.
      Thanks for contributing 🙂

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