Meditation and brain wave states

The Calm Monkey

What actually happens to your brain when you meditate?   I teach this in my ‘Learn to Meditate’ class.  I’d like to share this with you.

If you have ever meditated, I would bet money that you have fallen asleep, and falling asleep during meditation may even be one of your biggest meditation challenges.  The ideal state for meditation is just before you feel that you’re falling asleep, but are still lucid.

Here are the different major brain wave states:

Meditation brain wave states

BETA– the state when we are fully awake, conscious, interacting with our environment, and going about our normal day to day activities. The outer world is more real than our inner world.  80% of what we process is visual.  When we are in ‘high beta’, we tend to over analyze, and we may have trouble thinking objectively. Good answers are not found in this state of high beta.  The…

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