Top 3 meditator stories – October 2014

Here are a few stories from recent classes I’ve taught:

tai chi in the park

Tai Chi, a moving meditation

#1. From a woman who’s been taking tai chi lessons for awhile:

After Wendy explained how tai chi is a type of meditation, I started to experience my tai chi practice entirely differently.  It used to be quite mechanical – only concentrating on how to move my body, but now I feel the meditation!

#2. From a meditation student who got frightened when she couldn’t feel her hands during meditation:

Sometimes while meditating after several minutes, my hands feel ‘heavy’, or it’s like I can’t feel my hands anymore. That scared me until Wendy described that when you get into a Theta brain wave state, that you can lose track of time and the body.  Now I find it fascinating!

#3. From a beginner student:

I’ve only attended 3 classes and already the effect on me is wonderful.  Everything just seems brighter.  It feels so good to feel more focused and calmer.

The experiences of meditation are limitless and so fun to hear. Have a lovely day,


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