Squeezing meditation into your busy life

Garden of the Gods

Super short meditations can be very calming. I offer this imagery to you for your meditation. This is the Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Yes, we are busy people, and yes, it’s hard to fit the notion of doing a long meditation into your routine of a busy, busy life.

Many of you intellectually know how to meditate and how it makes you feel. Every week people tell me ‘I know I should, but I’m just so busy.’ (And if you don’t know how to meditate, there are many ways to learn it.) You may also know that even 5 minutes of meditation per day can make a profound difference in your life. One of my students said 5 minutes of meditation per day helped her get off medication for her severe anxiety.

Here are some simple ways to squeeze short meditations into your life:

Just focus on your breath, in mid-activity:

A super simple mindful meditation is to place all your focus on your breathing while you’re doing something.  While you are waiting in line, doing housecleaning, sitting on a bus or waiting for meeting to start – simply observe your breath for a few minutes (or even for a few breaths, if that’s all you truly can afford to do.)

Get up 5 minutes earlier:

Getting up 5 minutes early isn’t hard to do.  Spend 5 minutes sitting quietly and focus on a meditation, or just be mindful of your breath, or visualize being in a beautiful place that makes you feel calm and centered (like the photo above).

 As soon as you notice that stress is coming:

Hopefully, you know that feeling when your stress is spiking quickly. When you notice that, simply close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. This quiet moment can help settle you down and gain some clarity of mind to better deal with your situation.

I hope these few little tips are helpful. It truly is easy to fit mindful meditation into anyone’s life.


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